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 TWEWY General Discussion

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PostSubject: Re: TWEWY General Discussion   Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:21 pm

AquaDragonMew wrote:
ZeroBeat DeMaine wrote:

so true...
If there is one thing I can say, get the best regenerative healing pin you can
Yes. Visionary Blend definetely works wonders against him (which is kindof ironic seeing as you get it from him in the first place), especially if you add in pins which increase its uses before recharging to 4 and back it up with Healing Whale for during the recharge time.

And I'm the odd man out because I've only beaten that boss twice, and even then, I've died during the battle many times.

I don't see it as ironic- that sounds like something Hanekoma would do.
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TWEWY General Discussion
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