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 Magical Girl Jade (Homestuck AU)

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PostSubject: Magical Girl Jade (Homestuck AU)   Magical Girl Jade (Homestuck AU) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2012 11:44 pm

I think I'm like high. Why am I writing this? GOD I FEEL SO HYPER.


Jade Harley


John Egbert

Rose Lalonde

Dave Strider

Roxy Lalonde

Dirk Strider

Episode Listings:
Episode 1 -I have to become a Magical Girl!? (Part 1/?/?)

Once upon a time there was a kingdom of light named Prospit. This kingdom was ruled by the good king Sassacre, a comedian who was also a great diplomat. His servants and the peasants of the kingdom all loved him. What protected this peaceful kingdom from other more warlike nations such as Alternia was the gems of light. Seven jewels that were each a color of the rainbow. But one day, the kingdom of darkness, Derse attacked. Their Rogue of Void crept into the royal vault and stole the seven jewels. However the jewels sensed the sin in her heart and disappeared, running off into the alternate world of Earth. Some hid in bodies while some hid as jewelery however one day, they will have all gathered in the small town of Skaia. Despite that, now that the jewels were gone, the kingdom of Prospit was no longer protected and soon fell to Derse. However before the kingdom was taken, the crown prince and his sister, still only babies, were sent to Earth. Thus begins the tale of Jade, holder of the Space jewel.

Episode 1
Is this really the only option?
Why yes it is.

==>Be the narrator

Jade Harley lived in a small town with her dog Becquerel or Bec for short. She lived alone in a house near the end of a street next to the bakery and the animal clinic. While normally this would've caused some raised eyebrows in other towns, the town of Skaia saw Jade as a shared child. A ball of sunshine condensed into a tan skin, dark haired child. Jade didn't mind either. She got free food whenever she went through town.

Jade skipped through town at a leisurely pace heading to her friend John's house. Today was April 13th and a special day for her friend. It was his birthday! She had left the present delivering service to Bec since she wanted to surprise John. The gift she was going to give him took a lot of work to make but it would be worth it! Her clothes were informal in nature, a green and white shirt with jeans, but this was an informal event in the first place! Jade sped up a bit as she continued to head to John's house.

Just as Jade was skipping through town, some of Skaia's other residents were also out enjoying the day. Petunia, Arthur and some other residents of the town made sure to greet her every time they saw Jade to make sure she wasn't too lonely.

“Good afternoon Ms. Harley” greeted Petunia Meridian, the mailman of Skaia. She was a quiet lady but she still always managed to deliver the mail no matter the weather or situation. Rain or shine, the mail must always be delivered was one of Petunia's favorite quotes. Even if she got it wrong sometimes.

Jade greeted back with an enthusiastic “Good afternoon Ms. Meridian!” Normally she would would've greeted her less informally but also on this street was Mr. Reliford.

“Good day Jade,” Arthur Reliford greeted as he passed Jade, “How are you doing?”

“Good day to you to Mr. Reliford! I am feeling very happy cause you know what day it is!” Usually Mr. Reliford did not enjoy informality and Jade knew that because she received scoldings occasionally for not showing proper respect. But occasionally she did get away with being disrespectful when he wasn't noticing.

A familiar dorky voice greeted Jade as she arrived at her destination. “Hey Jade! You finally made it!”

“Hey John! How's your dad's birthday cake coming along?” Jade giggled cause she already knew the response.

“Please don't mention it. I don't think I can take another cake, especially one made with the Batter witch's batter!” John made an overdramtic gesture before his dad appeared behind him.

“Good afternoon Jade. How was your day so far? You can come in once John moves out of the door way like a proper man.” Mr. Egbert smiled his fatherly smile and John shot him the look.

“Great Mr. Egbert! Thanks for asking!” Jade grinned as she talked, spun around once before following after John .

==>Be the other girl but not quite.

--Hallway, Derse--

You walk slowly through the purple hallways of the main castle of Derse. The purple banners on the hallway features 5 symbols; light, void, heart, time and then Derse's symbol itself. You are the Seer of Light ironically and it amuses you to no end. You continue walking for a while until you see a adolescent male dressed in purple.

“Good evening Strider.” You greet Dave, a good friend of yours. He's about as pale as you despite venturing outside more often. You suspect that may have to do with being residents of Dersite but you are not quite sure. Prospit fell a not too long ago but you still do not know what most of its residents looked like. Only Roxy would know. The rest of the children were not permitted to participate due to the fear of losing their most potentially strongest warriors.

“Heard about your new mission. Don't mess up.” Dave Strider smirks if only the slightest. It is hard to tell sometimes when you can't see his eyes through his black sunglasses.

“I don't plan to.” You frown though when you sees whose walking to you. It's pretty unmistakable, that walk. Rose hated that walk with a burning passion just as she hated the owner of the walk with a burning passion. “And what do you need from us Rogue?”

“Hey, no need to be so rude!” Roxy only laughs before spinning around like child, “Just thought I'd drop in and say congrats on the mission!” She laughs again before calling over the slower walking man behind her. Rose can smell the alcohol even if Roxy isn't visibly drunk. Disgusting, drinking at such a young age.

“Congratulations on the mission Rose” Dirk stands there nonchalantly once he reaches you guys. He doesn't seem to mind any of you. You on the other hand dislike him just like you dislike Roxy. However you dislike him slightly less then Roxy as at least he behaves himself decently. However as the Crown Prince, he should behave himself a lot better. You personally think that Dave would've made the better heir but he is the younger of the two and tradition dictates that the older one shall be the heir. Females are not even considered unless there are no males left. That makes you and Roxy a bit more expendable.

You sigh, after staying silent from thinking a bit, before returning the congratulations despite not wanting. “Thank you. Now if you will excuse me I have matters to attend to before I leave for my mission.” You walk away leaving Dave behind with the other two. He can deal with them a lot better than you can.

==>Some time later.

You finished packing up everything a while ago but you still have to wait for the kingdom to open a portal to Skaia. With some free time to kill you observe the purple heart jewel that was handed to you.

“This is one of the three gems of light we could find. Take it and head to Earth. Find the other four, and kill the prince and princess of Prospit if you can find them.” The queen's servant kneels before you with the jewel on a purple pillow. “Do not fail.”

“Yes my queen.” You take the purple heart, bow and leave. If only Roxy hadn't messed up, you wouldn't have to do this. You despised Earth and their stupid traditions and feelings and now you have to go there because Roxy messed up.

You finish remembering why you have to go to Earth and prepare to leave. You walk to the terminal and see Dave there waiting.

“Don't worry Rose, it'll be easy as hell.” Dave gestures towards the gate that is now opening. His white hair, being ruffled by the wind from the gate opening amuses you slightly.

“Well then, I suppose I will see you very soon then.” You allow yourself a smile before stepping into the portal. A flash of white light and you are now wearing human clothes and your hair, no longer white, is a pale blonde. Behind you is a small cottage, most likely made so that you would not have to rely on outside assistance. It was cozy and the vines growing on the chimney were a nice touch to make it appear as if this living quarters had been here longer than a day or two.

“Well Skaia, the Seer has arrived.” You chuckle as you enter the cottage and begin to unpack.

Author notes:
Well here's the first part. It's not really good and I'll probably edit it a lot more before posting this and the rest of the episode (which I'm working on) on AO3 for the rest of the world to see my horrible idea. I need to fix some verb tense agreement but right now I'll just post it and come back later when I can think coherently and edit this properly. God I think I'm drunk off boredom.
Author note end.
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Magical Girl Jade (Homestuck AU)
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